Success Coaching

What is Success Coaching?

Success Coaching is an opportunity for you to meet with trained staff to discuss what is important to you as a student, set goals and strategies for achieving your goals. For example, some students ask for help with time management, roommate conflicts, concerns with “fitting in” or finding friends, while others just want someone to check-in with them to keep them motivated towards doing well in classes or finding leaderships/involvement opportunities. Meetings with a Success Coach usually are around 30 minutes long, and provide a thorough discussion on topics that are deemed important to the student’s success.

Here’s how Success Coaching works:

  1. Identify area of improvement
  2. Brainstorm and evaluate possible strategies or solutions
  3. Identify campus resources that can assist
  4. Set goals and next steps
  5. Follow-up, if necessary or requested by the student

*Typical Success Coaching appointments are 30 minutes or less!

To make your Success Coaching appointment, contact the Student Success Center in Bolton 120 at (414) 229-5385 or

What do students say about Success Coaching?

96% of students felt their Success Coaching appointment was helpful!

Here’s what some students had to say:

“[My Success Coach] was very supportive and was definitely listening whenever I was speaking and I really appreciated it. I found out a lot about the services that the school offers and I figured out some things I could do to make myself more successful because of the meeting.”

“[My Success Coach] was very understanding, and did not try and push any choices on me.”

“I was very impressed that she really tried to help my success and study. I think this program is amazing for students, especially those who are new here.”

“It was a nice, friendly meeting. It made me feel like a lot of people want me to be successful.”

“It was a good talk that boosted my confidence in what i am doing. It made me feel more confident in how i planned my college career.”

“[My Success Coach] was very friendly and knew the best ways to help me.”

Who are the Success Coaches?

Ariel Milton-KernAssistant Director, MKE ScholarsStudent Success Center414-229-6610miltona@uwm.eduBolton Hall 120B
Rachel SpauldingStudent Services CoordinatorStudent Success Center414-229-2779rachels9@uwm.eduBolton Hall 120
Isabella VirruetaMKE Scholars Success CoachStudent Success Center(414) 251-7577virruet2@uwm.eduBolton Hall 120D