Explore the Diversity Around You

“Diversify yourself by joining UWM Student organizations or going to on-campus events. It’s the best investment you can make.” –Natalie Vang, Junior.

“UW-Milwaukee is one of the most diverse campuses I’ve ever been to. Taking time over the weekend to explore the city and campus, which is full of culture and wonderful people, will really enhance your experience living in Milwaukee.” –Lauren Braier, Sophomore.

Explore the diversity around you  

Did you know that UWM is the UW System’s most diverse campus? Students come from wide variety of cultures, communities and countries. Open up your world by getting to know someone different than you!

o Visit the Multicultural Student Centers http://www4.uwm.edu/msc/ located on the first floor of Bolton Hall. The Multicultural Student Centers (MSC) provide services, including academic and social support, that enhance the learning and success of African American, American Indian, Latino and Southeast Asian-American students at UWM. They also offer events and activities for all members of the UWM community.

o Join a cultural student organization or attend one of their events to get firsthand experience with your own culture or one that you don’t know much about.

o Take a Multicultural America course– whether through Anthropology, Art and Design, English, Film, History, Sociology, Urban Studies or Women’s Studies, these courses offer a cross-cultural study of U.S. ethnic and racial identities with attention to African-, Asian-, Hispanic- and Native American experiences. A required service learning component enriches the experience.

o Check out what the Cultures and Communities [http://www4.uwm.edu/cc/about/] Program Office has to offer, including courses, a certificate program and opportunities for service learning and civic engagement.

o Introduce yourself to new people in and outside of the classroom. Don’t be shy! Ask about the homework or simply say, “Hi, how are you?” You might be surprised by how much you have in common with the person sitting across from you.

o Step out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to listen intently, to ask questions and to try new things. That’s what college is all about!

UWM will be your home, your community, your universe for the next four years. This is your chance to get a taste of the “real world,” gain experience and figure out who you are and who you want to be. Go for it!