Check PAWS Daily

“The thing that really helps me is keeping track of my UWM E-mail because that way I knew everything that was going on in my classes, and using the calendar let me know what I was doing every day! I also used PAWS so that I knew what classes I needed to take, and D2L helped me keep up with my current classes in order to maintain my grades through the semester. I had a plan for my school year and with these resources I was the most successful!” – Serafina Payne

“Make sure you are checking your D2L, PAWS and UWM E-mail. I cannot stress it enough how much you need to be checking them on a daily basis.  There is a ton of needed information that is given to you through these sites.  Going on D2L, PAWS, and Email is the way I get my information for class and what’s going on around campus. If I’m not checking them at least 3 times a day, Email even more, I am completely unaware.  CHECK THEM!”  Devon Timblin

Check your PAWS, D2L and email accounts daily 

If you need help with any of the above, check out these links to tutorials offered by University Information Technology Services.

• Third party access, parental access, designated access

o You can choose to offer someone else access to your PAWS account, such as a parent, and they can help you stay on track and plan ahead.

• Make sure address and phone number are updated to your Milwaukee address

o Log on to your PAWS account and verify that Personal Information section matches your current address and phone number. If not, select the “address” section and click on edit.