Panther Academic Welcome Design Think

Panther Academic Welcome (PAW) is a program designed to support first-year students in their academic and social transition to UWM. Traditionally held the final weekday before the start of the Fall semester, PAW has consisted of the Mission Possible workshop, Common Reading Experience discussion, and University Welcome program. Based on feedback from student participants and staff volunteers, the shifting needs of the modern student, and ever-changing pressures to build a sustainable and impactful program, New Student Programs is undertaking a wholesale restructure in our approach to PAW.

Part of this process will be a Design Think, hosted by the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center, to gather input from advocates, skeptics, past participants, and any other perspective that hopes to be engaged in the process. A Design Think is an interactive, solutions-oriented brainstorming process that highlights opportunity, not barriers. The outcome of the process will be contextualized proposals representing a variety of stakeholder points of view, all aiming to contribute to the success of students participating in PAW.

The PAW Design Think will be held 12pm-4pm on Friday, November 22 in the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center.

Interested in participating? Please contact Mike Dixon ( directly.