Panther Transition Experience: Freshman Students

We’re here to make your transition to UWM a smooth one, which is why we require all new freshman under 21 to participate in the Panther Transition experience! For new freshmen (first-time first-year students under 21 years old) there are two required components to the Panther Transition experience: Panther Transition Training and participation in Panther Transition Day. 

Panther Transition Training

Panther Transition Training is an online training that is required for all new freshman (first-time first-year under 21). All students will be invited via their UWM email to complete the course after attending summer orientation. Panther Transition Training is an asynchronous, online training that focusing on building blocks to student success and introduces students to essential information about safety and community.

Panther Transition Days

Panther Transition Day will take place for new Freshmen under 21 on Friday, September 1, 2023 and is designed to welcome you to campus, support you in making friends, and help you acclimate to the school year! Each new student will be required to participate in Panther Transition Day on September 1, 2023 in either a morning or afternoon session.

Students will be assigned one day to participate in those programs, but for now, mark September 1 on your calendar! We’ll be in touch via your UWM email this summer with more information!

Please note that participation in a Panther Transition day is required for all new freshmen under 21.

New Students Living in Sandburg Hall

Check-in for Sandburg student begins at 8:15am in Spaights Plaza. See email for more details!

New Commuter Students

Arrive to campus around 11:30am and park in the Klotsche Pavilion parking structure. Head on over to the class photo at 12pm located at Engelmann Stadium. See email for your full schedule.

New Students Living in Cambridge and Riverview

Buses will begin loading at 11am at Cambridge and Riverview to bring your to the class photo at 12pm located at Engelmann Stadium. See email for your full schedule.

Welcome Traditions: The Class Photo & Coin Toss

To end your Panther Transition experience and kick off the semester, you’ll be invited to participate in the Class Photo and the Coin Toss – one of UWM’s longest standing traditions! The class photo and welcome celebration is slated for Friday, September 1, 2023. Check back here and at your UWM email for more information this summer!

Why the Panther Transition Experience? 

The Panther Transition experience is required because we know that students who participate in transition events leading into classes have improved grades and levels of college satisfaction in their first semester than students who don’t. UWM students just like you are more successful because of programs like the Panther Transition experience!

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UWM at Washington County Information: Click Here

As a reminder, Panther Transition Training & attendance during your assigned Panther Transition Day is required for all new freshmen is required in order to have guest privileges in housing for the academic year.