Student organizations are issued a campus mailing address through Student Involvement mailboxes. Federal Law 18 USC section 1700, among other regulations, describes penalties for tampering with Unite States Mail. U.S Mail addressed to a student organization may only be picked up by a verified student officer of the student organization. UWM staff are required to ask for ID and to confirm that an individual is a verified officer before releasing mail. Your cooperation is appreciated.

The official address for student organizations mailing must be in this format:

(Name of the Student Organization)
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
P. O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Important University announcements, as well as incoming U.S. mail, are delivered to the Union Box. Packages which are too large for a mailbox are delivered to Student Involvement. Packages are to be picked up as soon as you are notified. If packages are not picked up promptly, they will be returned to sender.


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