Office and storage locker spaces


Student organizations are eligible to apply for, but not guaranteed, office and storage space in the UWM Union. Student organizations that want to be considered for office or storage space in the Union Building, must submit a Space Request Form to the Union Policy Board each Spring (February/March). The term of the Space Usage Agreement is one year and will terminate on the end date. A group with an existing space has no guarantee that they will be reassigned the same space for the following year. Student organizations should not invest in any item or promotional material that would indicate this is a permanent office space for the group. For more details, see the Union Policy Board information on the UWM Student Union website.

Organizations that want an office in a campus facility other than the Union Building must contact the Building Chairperson for that facility. That request must be approved by the campus department responsible for the space and the Building Chairperson. Due to the extreme shortage of office space on campus, there typically is not enough available space in campus buildings to house student groups. (See also Keys and Equipment policies.)

Final Space Allocations 2019-20

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