Bulletin Boards

In the back of this manual is a list of “General Campus Bulletin Boards” student organizations may use for posting advertisements for their events and activities. Placing signs, pictures, graphics, posters or any item similar in nature on university property, other than approved bulletin boards, will be considered an act of vandalism (UWS Chapter 18.12(8))

No general bulletin boards are available in the following buildings: Architecture, Englemann, Johnston, Merrill, Northwest Quad, Pearse, Sabin, Sandburg, Riverview, Cambridge Commons, Kenilworth Apartments (see University Housing Policies for posting regulations), or the Union (flyers may be submitted to the Union Marketing, WG50 for posting).

Student groups may purchase their own bulletin boards to be installed (at the group’s expense) in a preapproved location in a campus building. Requests for bulletin board space should be directed to the building chairperson. (See also Publicity and Publications Responsibilities and Solicitation Policy.)

Additional Information