Prohibited Activities

1. Sharing your personal access accounts with others is prohibited.

2. Peer-to-peer file sharing is strictly prohibited.

3. Student organization computers and equipment should not be used for academic credit producing activities.

4. Students or organizations may not use university resources or equipment, which includes UWM email accounts, for political activity.

5. Commercial use of University facilities is strictly prohibited at all times.

6. Attempting to break into any computers or use any other person’s computer or account without their permission is prohibited.

7. Attempt to forge mail messages, news postings or otherwise represent yourself as someone else is strictly prohibited.

8. Attempting to circumvent policies or network restrictions by reconfiguring your computer to unauthorized settings is prohibited.

9. Student organizations may not extend the single network connection provided.

10. Student organizations may not set up a server of any kind using a port in the Student Organization’s assigned space.

Additional Information