Computer Policy and Guidelines

Student Involvement Network is an extension of the educational environment at UWM. It is intended to be used for purposes allowed by State and University regulations. Student Involvement is facilitating the connection of the Student Organizations to the campus network and is not responsible for any service interruptions. The campus network availability may change without prior notice.

1. Only student organization members, faculty/staff advisors and staff are authorized to use the Student Involvement computer network at UWM. You may not permit anyone else to use your computer or account.

2. All federal and state laws applicable to your computer usage will be enforced on student organization computers. This includes (but is not limited to) violation of copyright laws (illegal software or media),hacking (obtaining or using unauthorized information), forged identity, and other types of malicious activity. Violation of this policy may result in loss of connection.

3. Computers and equipment purchased by segregated university fees may not be used for academic (classes or other credit producing activities), personal, political, commercial gain, or other purposes not authorized by the University and UW-System policy.

4. Persons may not use University IT resources to promote or solicit sales for any goods, services,unauthorized charities, or other contributions unless such use conforms to UWM rules and regulations governing the use of University resources or unless such efforts are on behalf of a student organization
recognized by the University. Conformation to the rules and regulations for student organizations will be enforced by Student Involvement Network Administration. Except for research collaborations, no one may use University IT Resources to promote or advance the interests of any for-profit non-University entity, group or organization for commercial purposes unless appropriately authorized.

5. Violation of University rules governing appropriate use of IT resources may result in loss of access privileges, University disciplinary action, and/or criminal prosecution. The appropriate due process and policies will be followed depending upon whether faculty, academic staff, classified staff or students are alleged to be involved.

6. Digitally sharing copyrighted materials is illegal and also violates University policy regarding use of the
campus network.

Additional Information