Closing Hours

a) Except as specifically provided in this code, the chief administrative officer may establish closing hours and closed periods for university lands, buildings, or portions thereof. These closing hours and closed periods shall be posted in at least one conspicuous place adjacent to or at the periphery of the area to be closed or, in the case of buildings, on the building.

b) No person, unless authorized to be present during closed periods, may enter or remain within the designated university lands, buildings, or portions thereof during a closed period established under this section.

c) For the purpose of par. (b), “person authorized to be present” means a person authorized to be present by an order issued pursuant to par. (a) or s. 36.35 (2), Stats.

d) No person, except those authorized to be present after the posted closing hour, may enter or remain in any university arboretum or picnic area unless traversing those areas or on park roads at the times the roads are open to the public. (Chapter UWS 18.07(2))

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