Chalking Policy

Policy Summary, Chalking S-76

All individuals allowed on University property, regardless of University affiliation, are permitted to place chalk messages on UWM premises, subject to the following guidelines:

  • Chalk messages must be limited to outdoor walking surfaces that are completely exposed to the sky. Vertical surfaces (such as walls and posts) and unexposed areas (such as walkways under overhangs) may not be chalked.
  • Only water-soluble material may be used (oil-based products are prohibited), and such material must easily dissipate in the rain. A product that requires power-washing for removal is not in compliance with this policy.

Any chalking, painting, or other forms of stenciling that do not comply with these guidelines
may be considered graffiti and treated as an act of vandalism.

For the full text of the policy, see  Chalking Policy Number S-76, updated June 2018


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