Interpretation and Compliance with Regulations


Interpretation and Compliance with Regulations 
A student organization should not assume that it may rightfully engage in any activity that is not specifically restricted by University regulations. If there is any doubt as to the appropriateness of the activity, the organization should contact Student Involvement, 229-5780.

Official jurisdiction in cases arising from University of Wisconsin System Administrative Code, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee policies and procedures or State or Federal law violations is with the Dean of Students.

Compliance with Charter, Constitutions and Other Operating Documents
Student organizations are expected to be in compliance with their charter, constitution, bylaws and any other operating documents at all times. Amendments and revisions to these documents may be made in consultation with the University. The operating documents form a component of the affiliation agreement between the University and the student organization. Failure to comply with the agreed upon operating documents may result in penalties which may include an official warning, revocation and/or limitations of privilege and/or revoking the student organization charter (For more information see Student Organization Misconduct Process).

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