Hazing Policy

Hazing, in any form, by a student organization or members of a student organization is prohibited. Any student organization or person found guilty of violations of the hazing policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. In addition, the officers and members of an organization found guilty of hazing can be subject to fines and/or imprisonment under Wisconsin Statutes.
Wisconsin Statute 948.51 Hazing

Hazing is any planned or spontaneous activity or situation, whether on or off campus, that is demeaning to an individual; is calculated to produce ridicule or harassment; produces physical or mental duress; reduces a person to a state of subjection by physical or psychological means which impair or destroy an individual’s freedom of thought; or, in any way threatens or endangers the health or safety of an individual. Such activities or situations include, but are not limited to:

• Any form of paddling;
• Any activity which causes extreme physical discomfort or excessive fatigue;
• Any morally demeaning, embarrassing or humiliating experience;
• Activities which produce physical, psychological or emotional duress;
• Any unnecessary mandatory activities which interfere with academic class schedules or other scholastic activities;

Suspected hazing activities must be reported to the Dean of Students office (414)229-4632 or the UWM Police Emergency (414)229-9911, on campus phone 9-911 or for non-emergency call (414)229-4627.

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