Freedom of Expression

Freedom of inquiry, discussion, and expression (as recognized by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution) is indispensable to a free society. The University has a place in such a society and particularly needs this freedom for its own purposes and to contribute to society in a useful way.

Accordingly, the University and these regulations do not restrain the views that students or others may seek to present. The regulations do not require approval of expression. The regulations are concerned with logistical aspects (time, place, and manner) of the events regulated, and then only within the laws governing freedom of speech under the First and Fourteenth Amendments and other sources.

Moreover, the University encourages students and student organizations to exercise this freedom in participating in the business of the University, academic community, society and the world in general. Similarly, the pursuit of truth and the expression of opinions and creativity, especially in a University context and with University facilities, is encouraged when helpful to and desired by students.

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