Freedom and Responsibility of Organizations

The freedom of action granted to a registered organization implies a responsibility for developing the direction, scope, and character of the organization in promoting the educational mission of the University. This freedom of action is limited only by the stated purpose of the organization and the rules and regulations imposed on the organization by the University and society. Students are reminded that they are subject to Municipal, State and Federal laws. The University expects that all student organizations will prevent the occurrence of unlawful actions in connection with their activities.

Established regulations are primarily intended to protect all parts of the University program from interference from each other and from duplication of effort. Because students share in the establishment of policies and regulations, it is expected that student organizations dissatisfied with these policies will address themselves to the Student Association, Union Policy Board or Student Involvement. Acceptance of established procedures of government is a part of the responsibility undertaken by a student group in becoming chartered as a student organization at the University.

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