Student organization misconduct is a serious matter. The judicial process for an organization can end in the permanent suspension of the organization. Organization officers are also subject for their misconduct in their roles as officers. This process can include many sanctions up to and including expulsion.


Any student, faculty, staff, student organization, or community member may report an alleged violation of Federal or State law, Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter UWS 17, UW System Board of Regents policies, UW System policies or UW-Milwaukee policies, and the Student Organization Handbook by an officially recognized UWM student organization. In the event that any alleged violation is reported, the following process will apply to the investigation and resolution of such a report. Discipline, up to and including the revocation of university recognition of a student organization, may be imposed upon the student organization.


  1. A report that an organization has violated any code or policy can be submitted via the electronic report form found at The report must include a statement of the facts upon which the allegation is based, the name and mailing address of the Reporter and any documentation regarding the report. No formal action will be taken on anonymous reports. (If any student organization, registered student or other concerned party wishes to report an organization for reasons other than a code, policy, or legal violation, they should contact the Student Involvement Office or the Dean of Students Office.) While there is no strict time limit for such a report, the ability of the university to investigate a report may be affected by the timeliness of that report.
  2. In consultation with the Director of Student Involvement, the Dean of Students or designee will examine the report and determine:
    1. Whether the report sets forth a possible violation of law or policy;
    2. Whether the report involves an issue under the jurisdiction of any other campus or external entity, including but not limited to the Office of Equity/Diversity Services or the UWM Police Department
      1. If it is found that another entity has jurisdiction over the issue, the report will be shared with that entity, however the Dean of Students office may still retain jurisdiction to investigate the report pursuant to this process.
  3. If the report does not set forth a potential violation of law or policy, no further action will be taken. The reporter, organization, and the Student Involvement Office will be informed of this decision in writing.
  4. If the report sets forth a potential violation of law or policy, the Dean of Students or designee shall assign an Investigating Officer to the case. The role of the Investigating Officer will be:
    1. To collect information regarding the report,
    2. Prepare findings upon conclusion of the investigation
    3. If warranted, recommend sanctions or other action to be taken
  5. The Investigating Officer may suspend an organization’s official recognition on an interim basis pending final resolution of the investigation for any of the following reasons:
    1. It is deemed necessary for reasons of health or safety
    2. The organization is alleged to have engaged in egregious or discriminatory behavior such that further harm may result.
    3. Further organization activity or use of university privileges would obstruct or delay this investigatory
  6. Following the investigation, the Investigating Officer will share a written report with the student organization, its faculty/staff advisor, and the Director of Student Involvement. This report will be delivered electronically and via US mail to the organization’s president and electronically and via campus mail to the faculty/staff advisor and will contain:
    1. A description of the alleged violation(s) and the findings regarding the violation(s)
    2. A description of all information used by the Investigating Office to render the decision
    3. Specification of the sanction, if any, for the misconduct

    Sanctions may include, but are not limited to: warnings, education and service events, probation, suspension, or termination of the organization’s University recognition.

  7. An organization shall have 10 calendar days to appeal, in writing, the Investigating Officer’s decision to the Chief Student Affairs Officer(CSAO). The appeal shall consist of a review of the organization’s written appeal as well as the written decision. If necessary, the CSAO may review the investigatory file and/or discuss the appeal with the Investigating Officer, the organization, or both before rendering a decision. The CSAO has thirty calendar days to issue a decision on any appeal, and the CSAO’s decision shall be final.


Approved September 2014

Revised July 2019 [Changing position title from “Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs” (AVCSA) to Chief Student Affairs Officer (CSAO).]

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