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Student Involvement
UW-Milwaukee, 2200 E Kenwood Blvd, 363 Union, Milwaukee, WI 53211 Phone: 414-229-5780; Fax: 414-229-2443

Student Involvement oversees over 300 registered student organizations at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee through administering campus policies and procedures, supervising university segregated fee expenditures, and providing organizations with guidance, support and training resources. The office offers a wide range of services, activities and programs for students and organizations. The office is a valuable resource for information regarding university groups and campus activities. Student Involvement produces a variety of publications, seminars and workshops.

The publications that advisors should familiarize themselves with the Student Organization Manual which also contains the Quick Reference Handouts and Best Practices publications. Student Involvement also sends out a bi-weekly organization newsletter called Leading Edge.

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.; Tuesday 8:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.; and Friday: 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Dean of Students Office
UW-Milwaukee, PO Box 413, Student Union 345, Milwaukee, WI 53201 Phone: 414-229-4632; Fax: 414-229-6793

If you are experiencing a University-related problem and have tried to solve it elsewhere on campus and have been unsuccessful, the Den of Students Office should be your next stop. The staff there can help you with the full array of student concerns. Some matters are acted on in that office (e.g. appeals of certain financial obligations) and others involve referring students to another department for resolution of the problem. The Dean of Students Office is responsible for misconduct procedures and for helping students to become involved in campus policy decisions.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Union Event Services

UW-Milwaukee, PO Box 413, 300 Union, Milwaukee, WI 53201
Phone: 414-229-4828; Fax: 414-229-3243

Reservation for the rooms in the Union and Spaights Plaza are handled through this office. The staff will also assist groups with setting up rooms for events. Recognized student organizations can reserve rooms for free and receive a discount on room set up charges.

Equipment: There is a large variety of equipment that you can rent, see the web page for a complete list.

Security: The Union’s security staff is on duty during hours of operation, so additional security is not needed for the majority of events. Late night events, which go past 12:00 a.m., require additional security. For these events, the group must meet with members of the Union staff a couple times prior to the event.

Student Association
Union EG79; Union Box 173, UW-Milwaukee, PO Box 413, Milwaukee, WI 53201
Phone: 414-229-4366

The Student Association (SA) is the official student governing organization comprised of three branches: Executive, Student Senate, and Student Court. The SA is a member of the United Council (UC) and of the United States Student Association (USSA). Elections for the SA Senate and Executive positions take place in April; vacant Senate seats are filled internally throughout the year. The Executive Branch of SA is comprised of four executives and a task-oriented staff that represents students at meetings and other functions within and outside the University, particularly on issues that affect students.

The legislative branch is the Student Senate and is comprised of elected students. The Senate formulates policies pertaining to student life on campus, approves funds for student organizations, confirms student appointments to various committees, and develops and communicates student opinion on a wide range of issues. The Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC) is a standing committee responsible for distributing funds to student organizations.

The University Student Court (USC) handles cases relating to parking and vehicle regulations, student organization disputes and rule offenses. For information on the Court, how to file complaints and how to become a member, stop by Union 377, or call 229-5295.

Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research
UW-Milwaukee, PO Box 413, Union WG28, Milwaukee, WI 53201
Phone: 414-229-3161

The mission of the Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research (CBLLR) is to move UWM to the next level of civic engagement by improving the student civic and leadership experience through a holistic and seamless approach to community engagement. Overall, the CCBLLR will ensure greater impact and success in UWM fulfilling its civic mission and providing well-developed leaders for our communities.

Student Union 3rd Floor Union, Milwaukee, WI 53201 UW-Milwaukee, PO Box 413 Phone: 414-229-4825

The mission of the UWM Student Union is to be of service to all campus community members: students, faculty, administration, staff, alumni and guests in the Milwaukee area. As the center of the University community, the Union provides services and programs, and out-of-classroom multicultural, educational, intellectual, recreational and social activities to its diverse building user groups. The building houses dining services, recreation areas, meeting, study and social rooms, and student and administrative offices.

Student organizations can work collaboratively with the Union Programming staff on events if the organization solicits their assistance in a timely and cooperative manner.

Building Hours: Monday-Saturday 7am-Midnight; Sunday 8am-Midnight

Neighborhood Relations UW-Milwaukee, P.O. Box 413, WG85 Union, Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413 Phone: (414) 229-4035; Fax: (414) 229-6261

UWM’s residential neighborhood enriches the quality of the campus. Our neighbors are very important to us! The Coordinator for University Relations is a good resource if a student organization wants to host an event for the community or just to inform the neighbors of what is going on in the organization.

University Legal Clinic;
Union 357; Union Box 144, PO Box 413, Milwaukee, WI 53201
Phone: 414-229-4140

The University Legal Clinic offers free information and consultation to currently enrolled UWM students. Major services provided by paralegals and consulting attorneys include information to protect and enforce your rights in matters relating to divorce, child custody, personal injury, criminal and traffic offenses, landlord/tenant, and more. The attorneys on staff can also be retained at a student discount rate through the LAWS (Lawyers Assisting Wisconsin Students) Program. If members of your student organization are dealing with legal issues, refer them to the University Legal Clinic.

Advertising and Media Outlets for UWM Student Organization

 General campus bulletin boards
 Union Marketing Services (banners, “gold frames,” etc.)
 The Post (newspaper) – articles or advertisements
 Letters to the Editor
 Student Involvement – Leading Edge Newsletter (monthly email updates)
 Flyers
 Posters
 Handbills
 University calendar
 Panther Tracks (Sandburg on-line announcements)
 Student organization website
 Radio & Television (see Media Contact Quick Reference Handout)
 Reflectors & emails
 Panther Presence calendar

(see General Publicity Ideas Quick Reference for more ideas)

Additional Information