When to Purchase Insurance

When to Purchase Insurance

A way of minimizing risk to a student organization is to purchase insurance, including health and accident insurance as well as liability insurance. Student organizations may look to their national organizations for liability protection, or they may arrange for liability protection for special events by contacting a local insurance agent, or by calling the Office of Risk Management at 229-5079. If insurance coverage cannot be purchased, the student organization may want to reconsider the activity or event as the officers and members may become personally liable for problems that occur.

To determine if you should purchase liability insurance, answer the following questions:

a: Is the organization officially recognized by the University?
b: Is the organization eligible for segregated University fees?
c: Does the program, event, or activity fall within the University’s mission?
d: Does the group’s advisor work for the University?
e: Does the program, event, or activity conform to University policy and municipal, state and federal laws?

If you can answer yes to the above items, then your group activity most likely involves a low level of risk and liability. Most likely, special insurance is not required. However, you may want to call the Office of Risk Management to ensure that this is the case.

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