Advisor’s Expectation of an Organization

An Advisor’s Expectations of the Organization

As an advisor, you will hold certain expectations of the organization. All expectations should be discussed at organization meetings at the beginning of the academic year. Feedback and evaluation are a good way to see if expectations are being met. They may be all or some of the following:

 Members’ attendance at programs and meetings.
 Advance notification of meetings or cancellations.
 Written organization goals and objectives for each semester.
 Written calendar of events for each semester.
 Consultation regarding planned events or programs.
 Accurate record-keeping.
 Commitment to a smooth officer transition.
 Awareness of University policies.
 Sensitivity to the academic nature of University life (i.e. no meetings scheduled during Finals Week) and support of the University’s mission.
 Willingness to provide feedback to each other.
 Open communication.
 Commitment to the organization.
 Honesty.
 Mutual respect.
 Ethical behavior.

[Adapted from: Advisor Manual. Oglesby Union, Florida State University.]

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