What Advisors Should Know

Principles and Policies

Guiding Principles for Org Advisors

Student Organization Officers

Role of the Faculty/Staff Advisor in organizational financial matters

Policy Foundations for Advisors of Student Organizations

Role of Advisor

Organization Advising, Defined

How to Become an Advisor

Becoming an Advisor

Advisor Acceptance


Checklist of Expectations

Advisor’s Expectation of an Organization

Liability & University Expectations

Advisor Responsibility

State Liability Protection

Strategies for Reducing Personal Risk

When to Purchase Insurance

Hold-Harmless Agreements and Liability Waivers


Advisor Removal



Theoretical Components of Advising

Organization Stages

Advising Styles

Advising Strategies

Working with Students and Student Groups

Motivating Students

Types of Problems

Leadership, Membership, Organizational, Advisor

Failure: A Problem or a Teaching Tool?

Recognizing & Resolving Problems

Departments, Organizations and Services

Training and Recognition

Student Organization Annual Planning Calendar

Organization Advising webpage

Additional Information