Active membership (having a vote or a leadership position) in student organizations recognized by the University is open only to UWM students as stipulated above. An organization may have adjunct, honorary or other types of nonvoting memberships.

When a student organization is registered, the four officers listed are assumed to be the contacts. Students signing the Organization Profile (Org. Profile) and Contract or listed as an additional officer/contact must be currently enrolled on a fee-paying basis for at least half-time status at UWM during the current semester (see eligibility item 6). If a student was enrolled during the previous semester, that person is considered a student between semesters and during the summer session, unless the student has graduated. Classes that are audited do not count toward the credit restriction for officers.

An individual who does not have status as a fee-paying UWM student or drops below half-time status will automatically have his/her eligibility to hold office suspended but is not immediately removed if he/she is engaged in formal University appeal procedures to regain student status. Students who regain student status may resume their leadership role in the student organization. Positions occupied by individuals who are not engaged in formal procedures to regain student status will be removed as an organization contact. The organization must then fill this
vacancy in order to maintain their active registration status.

It is recommended that student organizations elect new officers annually, using a process that allows for membership input. A simple majority vote is common but executive board approval and general consensus methods are permissible. It is in the best interest of the student group to elect new officers at such a time as to allow them a few weeks to work with the exiting officers to learn their new jobs. An election in March of new officers who do not take office until May first is a good example of a transition/training period.

It is the responsibility of the officer submitting the Org. Profile and Contract to verify that the four (4) individuals listed on the form have agreed to the position indicated with the organization and are currently registered on a fee paying basis for at least half-time status at the University. The university does not supervise the election or approve the election results for student organizations. Each organization is responsible for selecting representatives as set forth by the procedures outlined in its governing documents (charter, constitution, bylaws, etc. on file with Student Involvement).



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