Important Terms



Student Organization Officer(s): As used here, the term officer includes anyone who holds a position of trust, authority, or command within an organization. A student organization officer is further defined as any student who assumes a leadership position within an organization with day-to-day responsibility for conducting the business of the organization, usually with a title and role responsibilities. Student organization officers act as authorized representatives for the organization’s membership and in so doing bear some personal responsibility for the organization. All registered student organizations at UWM have a minimum of four officers enrolled on a fee-paying basis at least halftime (undergraduate six credits, graduate four credits) in order to comply with registration and recognition requirements.

Registration/Registered: Registration is the process that a student organization must go through to be recognized and authorized to operate on campus and conduct business as a student organization at UWM.

Recognized/Recognition: Recognition is the status of a student organization that has completed the registration process and is currently in compliance with all requirements and registration processes.

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