Registration Renewal

All student organizations shall register annually each September by filing an updated Student Organization Profile (Org. Profile) with Student Involvement. The electronic update of the Org Profile in the UWM Engage system begins with notifications sent to all organizations through UWM Engage news, emails and postings.

On the renewal Org Profile, all organizations must list, in order of importance, at least four registered student members (officers), what position they hold, and provide phone numbers, UWM email address and student ID number for these students. Student Groups must submit a current membership roster identifying UWM student and non-student members. Unless otherwise directed, the membership roster in UWM Engage will be considered the current membership roster (all members should be in the organization portal in UWM Engage). Only registered/recognized student organizations may have access to programs, services and the use of the University’s facilities.

Any organizations failing to complete the Renew Registration process will have their registration canceled and will be listed as inactive. Inactive organizations lose access to all university resources, such as, Union office space, office equipment, use of University facilities, and/or segregated university fees that the group has been allocated. Organizations whose registration has been canceled may reactivate their organization and regain university recognition by submitting the appropriate updated Org Profile (with signatures) to Student Involvement and completing a re-activation process.



Additional Information