Responsibility of organizations


Responsibility of Organizations

Students are subject to local, state, and federal laws and ordinances. The University expects that all student organizations will prevent unlawful actions in connection with their activities. Failure to do so could subject student organizations, the officers and members to disciplinarian action. The organization acknowledges that its activities, including some of which may occur on the campus of UWM, are not eligible for liability protection under the State of Wisconsin Self-Funded Liability Program and need to obtain a special-event(s) liability policy at its own expense.

The freedom of action granted to registered organizations implies a responsibility for the development of the direction, scope, and character of the group in order to promote UWM’s educational mission. This freedom of action is limited by the stated purpose of the organization and the rules and regulations imposed by the University and society.

Free inquiry and expression are essential in a community of scholars. As members of such a community, students are encouraged to develop a capacity for critical judgment and an independent search for truth. Freedom to learn depends upon opportunities and conditions in the classroom, on the campus, and in the larger community.

Students have the right, accorded to all persons by the Constitution, to freedom of speech, peaceable assembly, petition, and association. Students and student organizations may examine and discuss all questions of interest to them, and express opinions publicly as well as privately. They may support causes by lawful means which do not disrupt the operations of the University or the organizations accorded the use of University facilities.

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