Special Security Events Policy

In order to best assure the safety of all Union patrons and to guarantee compliance with State, Local, University and UWM Union laws, ordinances and policies, all events must comply with appropriate safety, security and behavior standards.

Any student organization planning an event should contact the Union Event Services office at least 8 weeks prior to an event to have their request reviewed for possible security need. Upon review of event requirements, sufficient security will be scheduled by the UWM Union to provide for the reasonable safety and welfare of the attendees, building patrons, and the facility.

If a student organization’s event request requires the UWM Union to make accommodations beyond normal building operations (i.e. to extend building hours to accommodate a special event or absorb an elevated safety/security risk) the UWM Union Administration reserves the right to initiate the Special Security Event (SSE) review process.

SSE will require all officers of an organization to acquire appropriate training and to participate with UWM Union Administration on the development and implementation of a security plan, its constituent participants and any possible expenses.

Contact the UWM Union Event Services office for more information on Event Security and the Special Security Events procedures at Union 300, (414)229-4828 or at  reservat@uwm.edu.

Managing Admission and Admittance to Events

In accordance with State statutes, applicable policies and regulations, as well as fire and other safety codes, UWM reserves the right to manage all methods used to offer tickets, or any other form of proof for admittance, for events held in its facilities, using segregated fees or other University resources. This includes the decision to issue tickets for an event regardless if there is an admission charge or not. The Space Assignment Authority (SAA) will make the decision on methods for ticket/proof of admittance and may, at its discretion, consider the desires of the event host/sponsor.

The Space Assignment Authority (SAA) for each facility on campus is the individual who is designated to be responsible for ensuring that the facility is used in compliance with this policy and any other applicable laws or policies. (UWM Use of Facilities Policies and Procedures No: S-23, Revised 2016, II. A.)

Facility capacity levels are set by the Space Assignment Authority in consultation with University Police and Risk Management based on the size of the facility, anticipated attendance and the set up requested/required for the event.

Statute and Policy sources:

  • WI Stat. UWS Chapter 18 Conduct on University Lands
  • WI Stat. UWS Chapter 21 Use of University Facilities
  • WI Statute Chapter SPS 377
  • UWM Use of Facilities Policies and Procedures No: S-23

Student organizations are advised that off-campus facilities/venues will also exercise control over capacity, ticket sales and forms of admittance.

Additional Information