One way to get your organization to receive resources is through sponsorship. If your organization is attached to a university department, talk to the department chair about making an investment in your group. Do not focus only on money; let them know what you can offer in return. Remember donations such as phone use, office supplies, copying, typing, and other free materials are helpful. If your club needs equipment, talk to local distributors about giving you a deal on the price in exchange for displaying the company name. Student groups contribute many things to the university, in addition to the surrounding community, so do some brainstorming and go find some sponsors!

Co-Sponsorship with Non-University Groups
Any co-sponsored activities must be consistent with the role of the University as a nonprofit and educational
institution. Sponsorship may be done for the benefit of any recognized charitable or educational group. It is normally
expected that such groups shall submit a federal tax exempt status number or a statement on an official publication of the group identifying the group as tax exempt.

When sponsorship of Union facilities is undertaken by a student organization, the group assumes the full responsibility for compliance with all applicable University policies and any financial obligations relating to the program, including advance deposits when required. An authorized representative of the group must make arrangements with University officials and the event must be monitored by the group. When a UWM student organization plans a segregated university fee-funded event co-sponsored with a commercial, for-profit corporation, the details of any agreements must be made available to the SA Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC) and Student Involvement before any segregated university fee monies can be approved for that event.

“Any contracts drawn between the University and a non-University group under the above policies shall:
a) Provide for recovery of costs for such usage to insure that the State will not be required to spend any public
funds to accommodate those renting the premises during the period authorized.
b) Note that authorized use of facilities does not in any way constitute University or State endorsement of the
using organization, its view or objective, or program content.
c) Be limited to uses that do not interfere with primary University uses for which the facilities were intended.”
(UWS Chapter 21).

Any advertising for a segregated university fee funded event may incorporate the logo of a commercial, for-profit,
nongovernmental, non-educational corporation, only if the logo of the non-University group is no larger than one-half
the size of the logo of the student organization sponsoring the event. Photographs or other renderings of the product
are prohibited, unless the product and logo are one and the same.
For assistance in developing co-sponsorship agreements, please contact Student Involvement at 229-5780 or by
email at activities@uwm.edu.



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