Guest Speakers

Guest Speaker Events are those with a speaker who is not a UWM student, faculty or staff member. The rights of students to invite guest speakers:

1. Registered student organizations may invite to campus any person of their own choosing, but must schedule the appearance in accordance with procedures contained in this manual and other applicable university regulations.

2. The views and opinions expressed by a guest speaker should not be construed as approved or endorsed by the sponsoring group or by the University.

3. The University does not regulate the content of speeches.

4. Duties of student organizations when sponsoring guest speakers:

a) A student organization sponsoring a speaker should choose the person freely, without control by an outside group, and be satisfied that the speaker is qualified to address a University audience on the proposed subject.

b) A University Contract must be filled out at least four weeks prior to the event (if no compensation is being requested, use the Non Paid Performer Contract) and submitted to Student Involvement in Union 355.

c) Members of an audience should be given a reasonable opportunity, if appropriate, to ask questions at the end of the presentation.

Student organizations that wish to arrange for a guest speaker event that includes a book signing/sales component should contact the Union Event Services office (414)229-4828 to make these arrangements. 

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