Therapy Dogs at an Event

     Periodically, UWM departments have expressed interest in bringing animals to campus for programs on a short-term basis, such as stress relief events during exams, book signings/lectures involving animals, etc. This is distinguished from requests for individuals with disabilities to be accompanied by animals on a regular basis for service or comfort/therapy.
     UWM Risk Management office has successfully procured a blanket contract with a local animal therapy provider, Health Heelers, that meets our the University’s State insurance and legal requirements.
     If you are interested in using Health Heelers under the new UWM contract (at your cost), UWM Risk Management Office would be happy to help facilitate that connection. In fact, we encourage contact with the Risk Management Office (at 229-6339) as soon as any animal visit is contemplated, so that they can help you ensure the requirements for such a visit are met.

Additional Information