Advertising (On and Off Campus)

If using State funds, student groups should contact Student Involvement prior to any purchase of advertisements to ensure UW-Milwaukee purchasing guidelines and contractual relationships are followed. Failure to follow university purchasing policies will result in reimbursement requests being denied (UWM ASM Policy: 3.3.11 Ordering Advertising, Business & Financial Services).


(See Publicity and Publications Responsibilities, and Solicitation)


Student sponsored events funded by segregated university fees may be advertised off campus, including paid advertisements in non-campus media, provided the following conditions are met:

a. The event has been designated “open to the public” by the sponsoring student organization.

b. In the case of admission events, different rates for students and nonstudents have been established and stated as part of the advertising.

Exceptions to the provisions of this policy must be approved by the Union Director (in the case of the UWM Union) or the Dean of Students for non-Union activities.

(See also Publicity and Publication Responsibilities, Logotype and University Symbols, and University Housing.)

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