Spending an SAC Grant

There are many policies and procedures that govern the use of State funds. Failure to comply with these policies and procedures may result in student organization officers being held personally liable for any obligations incurred by a student organization. The steps listed below have been implemented to help student organization officers navigate the State procurement process and MUST be followed in order to use state funds.

Reimbursements are only allowed in very specific situations and must be approved by the Student Involvement Business Manager prior to the expense actually being incurred. Please, do not make any purchase with the expectation of being reimbursed by SAC grant funds or Internal Revenue funds as we may not be able to facilitate this occurring. Contact the Student Involvement Business Manager at 414-229-5780 with any questions regarding reimbursements and we are happy to help you make your desired purchase.

Plan Ahead! We are here to help right now…

The State procurement process can be confusing and frustrating, that is why we are here to help you get your student organization work done as quickly and easily as possible. Because of the sometime complex purchasing processes, we ask that students plan ahead and provide the following timelines to help you be successful in working with us.

Estimated Timelines for Purchasing for Student Organizations:

  • Checks for purchase orders greater than $5000.00 and bus rentals – 30 days
  • Checks for purchases less than $5000.00 – 14 to 21 days
  • Paid performer or speaker Contract – 30 days
  • Non-paid performer or speaker Contract – 14 days
  • Payment to Individuals for services -21 days
  • General Reimbursements – 30 days
  • Credit Card Purchases – 7 days, plus vendors’ delivery time.
  • Travel set-up – 21 days
  • Driver Authorization – 7 Days
  • Travel Reimbursement Submission – 15 school days
  • Travel Reimbursement Processing (after requestor signs) – 30 days

Additional Information