Fund-raising and Sponsorships


The selling of subscriptions, memberships, admission tickets, conference registrations and other fundraising activities carried out by student organizations need permission from the University prior to being held on campus. If the fundraising event is to take place in the UWM Union, contact the Union Reservations & Event Planning Office (414)229-4828 for the specific procedures and regulations that apply. Student organizations planning revenue producing events on campus other than the Union building should contact Student Involvement for procedures and policies applicable to their activity. Some activities are restricted or prohibited under University policy or State law. You should be familiar with both the approval procedure and limitations before you undertake a fundraising activity. A Student Involvement staff member can assist you with this process.

Sales Tax

Organizations must be aware that they may be liable to pay sales tax on some of their fund-raising efforts. Even if your organization has a tax-exempt number, sales tax may need to be collected. For forms or questions about Sales Tax, visit (See Sales Tax Policy and Tax Filing Requirements for more information).

Seller’s Permits

Some fundraising activities may require a seller’s permit. Failure to obtain the proper permit(s) could result in the sale being stopped and/or fines imposed. For forms or questions about Sales Tax, please call the Wisconsin Department of Revenue: 608-266-2772 or visit (this link is inactive/old)

Additional Information