SUF Expenditures

SUF Expenditures

SUF may only be expended for items and activities that are related to the mission of the institution and to the purposes of the organization. Expenditures of SUF must also conform with all applicable state and federal laws and policy requirements including, but not limited to, the decision of the United States Supreme Court in Board of Regents v. Southworth, 529 U.S. 217, 120 S. Ct. 1346 (2000), current Wisconsin Statutes, Wisconsin Attorney General’s opinions, Board of Regents’ administrative rules and policy documents, and UW System policy papers.

Items allocated to or purchased for a student organization using SUF are University property and may only be used for purposes allowed by State and University regulations. These items may only be used for the organization’s activities and must remain on campus, unless Student Involvement has approved off-campus use and/or storage of the item(s). Items purchased by segregated university fees may not be used for academic, personal, political, commercial gain, or other purposes not authorized by University and UW-System policy.

Student organizations which receive segregated university fee funds have special regulations and procedures to comply with for expenditures. Certain purchases, such as alcoholic beverages, cannot be made using segregated university fee funds. State and University contracts also stipulate specific vendors an item must be purchased from. In addition, a request/authorization statement from the student group, signed by an officer, is required before any requests for payment will be processed. None of a group’s segregated university fee allocation may be used without the proper forms being prepared and submitted to the Business Manager in Student Involvement. Reimbursement for amounts previously paid with personal funds or from an organization’s treasury is prohibited, except for amounts with proper receipts and documentation. Contact Student Involvement in advance of the anticipated expenditure for regulations regarding reimbursement.

Expenditures related to programs (concerts, lectures, films, conferences, etc.) must be processed by Student Involvement prior to the event. Requests to pay for off-campus facilities need prior approval of the Vice Chancellor and justification must be provided as to why on campus facilities cannot be used. Requests to pay for facilities, performers, speakers, film rental and publicity should be submitted to Student Activities six to eight weeks in advance of the program. When admission is charged for a program supported by segregated university fees all receipts must be deposited with Student Involvement.

This is only a general outline of the expenditure process. Different types of expenditures have different steps, additional steps, and various time requirements. Consult Student Involvement for details.

Inappropriate SUF Expenditures

Prohibited Expenditures: In addition to other limits established by law or policy, SUF shall not be assessed or charged for:
1. Academic credit-producing activities;

2. Student services determined to be essential to the basic mission of the university, as identifie in the UW System Financial and Administrative Policy G15 on “Student Services Funding.”

3. Normal campus-wide activities and functions that service the entire institution, such as campus-wide, centrally provided physical plant and institutional support.

4. Direct financial aid to an enrolled student such as scholarships, tuition, room and board, but excluding child care payments.

5. Gifts, donations and contributions.

6. Awards to UW faculty or staff, other than non-monetary, de Minimis items such as certificates, plaques and the like.

7. Costs of legal services, except where the governor has approved hiring an attorney to provide student legal services at an institution.

8. Lump sum payments to student organizations (as opposed to payments for specific purposes supported by invoices).

9. Contracts between a UW institution and a recognized student organization, except as permitted in UWS Financial Policy 50 Section I.B.(6)(a).

10. Overhead costs of student organizations in facilities not owned, leased or subject to control by the university, except as permitted in UWS Financial Policy 50 Section I.B.(6)(a). As used in this section, overhead costs means those general organization expenses which cannot be charged as belonging exclusively to any
particular part of the organization’s activities or work, including without limitation because of enumeration, salaries of the organization’s employees who are not UW employees, rent, taxes, insurance, lighting, heating
and similar expenses.

See Financial Policy 280 (formerly F50)

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