Responsibility for Keeping Financial Records

Responsibility for Keeping Records of Student Organization Funds

Segregated university fees: Student organization segregated university fee accounts, which are maintained by Student Involvement and other University offices, are considered public records in accordance with State law. As such and upon reasonable notice, these records are open to inspection by any interested person. Copies of these records are available with the expense of duplication to be paid by the requester. (See also Public Records)

Other Funds: All student organizations receiving segregated university fee support along with any student organization using University facilities must agree, as a condition of such support or use, to provide financial records, if requested, indicating specific revenues and expenditures for the particular event for which they received support or used the University facility. This is required by UWS Financial Policy Segregated University Fees F50. Guidelines for student organization financial record-keeping are available from Student Involvement. Under no circumstances are personal and organizational

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