Desert Hearts

THIS SCREENING IS FREE FOR UWM STUDENTS AND UNION CINEMA MEMBERS NEW 4K DIGITAL RESTORATION In honor of National Coming Out Day, we are proud to present a new 4k restoration of Donna Deitch’s Desert Hearts. This is the story… Read More

Experimental Tuesdays – Stinky Weiners and Dreamy Beavers: Recent Restorations of the Films of Curt McDowell, Program I [16mm]

THIS SCREENING IS FREE FOR EVERYONE! 16MM FILM PRINT! Melinda McDowell-Milks — McDowell’s sister and sometimes star — in attendance! The first of two programs of newly restored work from 70’s underground filmmaker Curt McDowell whose exuberant 16mm films were unabashedly upfront, insouciantly daring, playful,… Read More