Union Office Spaces

Student organizations that want to be considered for office space in the Union Building, must submit an Office Space Request Form to the Union Policy Board each spring. The term of the lease is one year and will terminate on the end date. A group with an existing office space has no guarantee that they will be reassigned the same space for the following year. Student organizations should not invest in any item or promotional material that would indicate this is a permanent office space for the group.

Allocation of Student Organization Union Building Offices

There are a limited number of offices in the east wing of the Union third floor available for use by student organizations. Each spring the Union Policy Board will make available Office Request/Renewal Forms. Student organizations wanting office space must fill out the forms, attach any appropriate documentation requested, and turn it in prior to the published deadline. Late forms will be accepted, but they will not be acted upon until all the on-time forms have been reviewed. Currently having an office space does not guarantee a group a space again; organizations must apply each year.

Office space is to be used for student organization business only. All other activity, such as homework, socializing, lounging, etc., are secondary uses of the space and are not legitimate reasons for an organization to be granted an office. Since meeting rooms are available at no cost to student groups (pre-paid for by student fees), organizations requesting office space in order to hold meetings is also not a high priority reason for being granted space. Office assignments will be based on number of people in the organization, number and types of activities the organization produces, services the organization provides, and impact the organization has on the UWM campus as a whole.

Student Organization Offices in other Buildings on Campus

It may be possible to obtain office space in a building other than the Union. Some academic departments have granted office space to student organizations that are highly related to their department. Organizations with close ties to a department on campus may wish to approach that department’s dean to see if space for the student group is available. Unfortunately, space on campus is very limited and most departments do not have the room to grant student organizations office space. In that case, student organizations must contact the Union Policy Board to get on a waiting list for space in the Union Building.

Non-student Use of Student Organization Offices

Regular use of a student organization office by non-students who are members of a registered student organization is allowed only when a student member of the organization provides access and takes responsibility for the office while the nonstudent is present. The student must be present throughout the period of use. Student organizations are solely responsible for security of their offices and all contents. When keys are required for access to any student organization office, they shall be ordered in the names of the registered officers of the particular group. (See also Key Policy for restrictions.)