Officer Tools and Resources

Below are tools that will aid your organization in a number of different functional areas.  You’ll find videos, slideshows, and downloadable resources.  Click the button below to reach the resource area you are interested in.

Building Partnerships

Building Partnerships: A PDF version of the video above.

Officer Training

Student Organization Officer Training 2017-18: A PDF version of the video above

Officer Transition

Passing the Torch 2017: A PDF version of the video above.

Officer Transition: Learn about officer transition and how to get prepared. Includes information for both incoming and outgoing officers, as well as a checklist to keep track of your transition.

SMART Goals Worksheet: Use the SMART system to write goals for your transition.

Stop, Start, Stay Shift: A simple worksheet for evaluating your organization. Brainstorm any needed changes before setting new goals.

Transition Question Bank: Questions to consider asking when entering the role of student org officer.

Student Org Annual Checklist: See when important due dates are throughout the year and be better prepared for what is coming up.

Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development: Use Tuckman’s stages of group development to understand how groups change and adjust to new things.

Growing Membership

Growing Membership PDF

Golden Circle


Event Planning

Purpose and Goals

Purpose and Goals : A PDF version of the video above.

SMART Goals Worksheet : Use this worksheet to help develop the goals for your event.



Planning, Budgeting, and Marketing

Planning, Budgeting, and Marketing: A PDF version of the video above.

Planning Timeline Example 1: One version of a timeline to use for planning your event.

Planning Timeline Example 2: Another version of a timeline to used for planning your event.

Event Budget Brainstorming: Uses this worksheet to develop a budget for your event.

Marketing Checklist Example: An example of one way to ensure you have all your marketing covered.



Day of Event and Follow-Up

Event Planning Day of and Follow Up: A PDF version of the video above.

Day of Event Details Form: A form used to keep track of all the details of day of the event and ensure it proceeds smoothly.

Production Plan Example: Use this example as a template for creating your day of production plan.

Evaluation: This form can be given to those who helped with the event or performed at the event to give you a better idea of how things went from other viewpoints.



Financial Management

Budgeting and Recordkeeping

Budgeting and Recordkeeping : A PDF version of the video above.

Record Keeping Essentials: A guide for knowing what to keep and for how long.




Fundraising: A PDF version of the video above.

Types of Fundraisers: A breakdown of the various ways to raise funds for your organization.

Fundraising Planning Worksheet: Use this worksheet to help develop the goals for your event.