Join an Organization

There are a variety of organizations to choose from; Click Here or on the picture below to check out all 300 Student Organizations at UWM!

The list of student orgs are in alphabetical order (you can also search by category). The list gives a brief description of the student orgs purpose, activities, and contact information. If you wish to get involved with a particular organization contact the student org. using the contact information (they will be a UWM student who is an officer of the organization and will have more information about the organization).


Get Involved! Being a member of a student organization can be an important factor in the success and enjoyment of your college experience. While academic learning is the primary goal of college, extracurricular activities help you learn and grow beyond the walls of the classroom and can provide you with hands-on-training to better prepare you for your future career. Participation in student organizations offers you opportunities for fellowship, leadership, recreation, and meaningful interaction with faculty, staff, and students. The good friends and times encountered through being actively involved on campus can help transform what is sometimes a large and overwhelming institution into a place you can call home.

Finding the Right Match (Please ask yourself some questions:)

1) Why do I want join an organization?  (Meet new friends, do something new, learn new skills etc.)

2) What are the goals and objectives of the group?  Does the group have affiliation with off-campus organizations?

3) What time commitments are expected of me?

4) What are the financial obligations of joining, if any?

5) Will involvement enhance or deter my academics and career goals?


It is important to remember that you could get “too” involved. Balance your school work, friends, family, and work schedules with your involvement opportunities. Choose to be involved if you are satisfied with your life’s balance, schedule and interests.

Getting involved is easy, just pick up your phone and dial a number. If you need help or some encouragement feel free to call: Student Involvement Office  at 414-229-5780 our staff is happy to help!

No student may be denied admission to, participation in, or be discriminated against in any organization at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee because of race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, ancestry, age, pregnancy, marital status or paternal status. Discrimination is also prohibited based on political affiliation or belief, arrest or conviction record or disabled veteran or Vietnam-era veteran status.