Academic success is the foundational value of the fraternity and sorority community at UWM. It is the mission of the community to strive for scholastic excellence and to assist all members of the community in attaining their academic goals towards graduation and a successful career.

Each chapter sets academic expectations for current and prospective members that are tracked each semester through the support of Student Involvement. Each chapter also develops an academic plan that guides their programming and initiatives each semester.

New Member Orientation:

Each semester, new members of fraternities and sororities are required to complete an online New Member Orientation Course. Within the module, there is a section designed to explore how new members can achieve academic success while being an involved student leader on campus. Key topics will include:

  • Academic expectations of fraternities and sororities
  • Time management for busy students
  • Healthy study habits
  • Setting academic goals
  • Connecting to campus resources

This initiative is supported by our campus partners in the Student Success Center.

Grade Reports

Grade Reports:

Each semester, Student Involvement compiles grade reports to track the academic success of the fraternity & sorority community. Community reports can be found below: