Riverside Park

Michael Schudrowitz 

Riverside Park 



We know very little about this photograph except that it was taken in Milwaukee’s own Riverside Park, a park close by UWM. If you visit the park today, however, you aren’t going to be able to pass through the tunnel that features so prominently here because it was filled-in in the 1970’s, not long after this photograph was taken. The only visual clue left of its existence is a portion of the limestone portal that can be seen on the west side of the former railroad embankment.

We unfortunately know nothing about the photographer of this piece except their name and the assumption that they went to UWM. If you know anything more about this artist or this photo, let us know! 

Visual Description: Black and white photograph. A silhouette of two people is framed by the silhouette of a rounded tunnel within which the photographer is taking the photo. A pathway leads towards the winter woods beyond.