Playing with Art

Today’s care package is all about play and fun, with a little learning along the way! 

First, we start with Eleanor Macnair, who recreated existing art out of PlayDoh! Working in unconventional mediums can often spark new ideas for other types of art, so if you have clay or Play-Doh around, this might be a fun exercise to try! 

Ever wanted to try your hand at origami? Check out Origami Club to find a treasure trove of folding tutorials. Print out patterns, famous artwork, or art you have made to use for your own personalized origami papers!

Looking for something artistic and chill to do but don’t have a printer or art supplies? Check out this online coloring book! You can color in various artworks and either stick to the original color palette or choose your own colors to make your own version.

If you’re looking to test your art history knowledge in a fun way, check out these visual crosswords. The puzzles get more complicated as you go, and you might find some new favorite artworks along the way! 

We hope you enjoy playing and creating with art! See you next week!