Siebers, Shannon

Geek Week Assistant

Hi! I'm Shannon and I'm a senior at UWM. I'm an English undergrad and I'm planning on going to in Library Sciences. I've worked at a library for the past 5 years which has given me an excuse to do all sort of nerdy things, examples include but are not limited to: plan space programs and Harry Potter trivia nights, dressing as Ursula from the Little Mermaid, and being in a blow up astronaut costume (also a velociraptor). I love books, art, photography, movies, tv shows, anime, and over-analyzing the heck out of things. I geek out over... pretty animation and strong female characters.I loved being part of the Geek Week Planning Assembly because I love nerdy and geeky people and I love planning events where I can meet other people who love the same things I do!