Paswaters, Danielle

Gallery Manager and Curator

I am Danielle Paswaters, Gallery Manager and Curator. I am a second year Art History Graduate Student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I also received my undergraduate degree in Art History with a Minor in Business here in 2010.

My thesis research is on artists Ana Mendieta and Senga Nengudi and the ways in which Art historical scholarship has inapplicably critiqued both of these artists. I am currently exploring the negative effects of making feminist statements that may not have been palatable to western feminists and how this scholarship has hindered the exposure of their work.

However, I am also interested in how the chosen media of their work has the ability to counter some of these affects in today’s society. As multiple media works, they have a unique ability to actively attract and engage large audiences. It is through this community engagement that these artists are able to gain exposure and address some of problematic concerns of marginalized women of color though body as activism.

My goals for the gallery are similarly aligned and I hope to provide a space on campus for contemporary artists and art lovers to come together and participate in community engagement. It is my hope to help facilitate empowering, engaging and educational experiences for our students and our Milwaukee communities at large.