Kosidowski, Zachary

Geek Week Planning Assembly

Hark Future Adventurers! I am Zach Kosidowski, a sophomore Accounting major and first year to the Geek Week Planning Committee. I’m what people would classify as a general nerd; I take interest in various books, movies, hobbies, and interests. For instance, I play Dungeons & Dragons, have a typewriter (and pocket watch), geek out over animation, and absolutely love to try new indie videogames like Hollow Knight and Dead Cells. (Though I do love me some Super Smash Bros. Can you believe that in Ultimate we have Steve from Minecraft and Sephiroth? Mind BLOWN!) I absolutely fell in love with Geek Week last year as a freshman with Matthew Luhn’s presentation in the Entrepreneur Center. I hope to continue help plan great a Geek Week for you all. You’ll be surprised who you meet when you roll the dice.