Jerabek, Jayce

Geek Week Planning Assembly

Yeah....I'm a gamer. GAMERS RISE UP. Pst, buddy, are you a gamer? Heh, I bet you didn't know that I, too, am one of those "gamers" people have been talking about. Woah, watch out! This guy, right here, he is a HARD. CORE. GAMER. I exude band geek energy on a subatomic level. This one time at band camp, I ran a D&D adventure so delirious biznasty I had to recalibrate the campground's mainfraime flux capacitor. On a scale of Bill Nye to Adam Savage I'd put myself at a solid 8. Oh yeah, that's right. And on top of all of that, I was even a member of the Geek Week Planning Assembly. Nothing was fresher and as dope as getting to make real decisions that help my fellow gamers unite. Hot dang, I can't wait to thrash some sick gamer tunes on my walkman in preparation for next year. Geek Week is like, totally sick yo.