Hyatt, Jaquese

Office Manager
Student Involvement

Jaquese is the Office Manager for Student Involvement, supervising the front desk Navigators, managing operations for our front desk, and works with student organizations to make travel arrangements and other grant-related expenditures.

As a former UWM student, Jaquese strives to ensure students take advantage of the college experience through the numerous organizations and activities available on campus. She believes that through networking, mentorship, and challenging curriculum, students will be able to develop leadership skills and talents for their future careers.

Jaquese brings to UWM her administrative assistance, background in production, screenwriting, creative writing and management.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, music, indie movies, and spending time with her dog, Winston.

Jaquese welcomes anyone to stop in for a chat with any inquiries about joining an organization, grants or just to say hello!