Better Together Interfaith


Better Together Interfaith is a registered student organization at UWM. The founding members attended the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) Institute in Chicago, IL in the summer of 2014. They registered the organization immediately after returning from the Institute.

In 2010, IFYC implemented a new strategic plan to increase its impact and align its resources toward realizing the
organization’s mission of making interfaith cooperation a social norm. Programmatic efforts are now focused
on three key areas.
1. Change the public discourse about religion from one of inevitable conflict to one of cooperation;
2. Nurture and network a critical mass of interfaith leaders on American college campuses;
3. Partner with college campuses to build successful models of interfaith cooperation.

Better Together Interfaith at UWM helps to close the gap between faith groups, including students with no faith background or identification. With the discussions on religious and non-religious topics, as well as service work around the UWM campus and Milwaukee community, students and staff can go beyond their differences and build positive relationships. The students and faculty involved with the Better Together/ Interfaith group on campus can then bring leadership to the communities to break through stereotypes and have better understandings of each other. We are Better Together!

Contact Better Together Interfaith at 262-313-8851