UWM Engage

Beginning in May 2018, the PantherSync system will be replaced with a new online platform for student organizations and involvement opportunities. The new system, called Engage, has many of the familiar features from PantherSync and many new features and tools for students and student organizations! Look for more information on the Engage system beginning in August 2018.

UWM Engage, an online community management system hosted by Campus Labs, is filled with over 300 Registered Student Organizations at UWM. Engage is an easy way to find a student org, send campus communication, manage your org, , plan events and much more!

For currently enrolled UWM students, faculty and staff:
Log into: https://uwm.edu/getinvolved

New users will be prompted to create a user profile. After completing their profile, first time users will be automatically joined to the Student Involvement portal.

Returning users are directed to the UWM Engage Home Page.

UWM Engage Features:

  • Find and Join an Organization
  • See events on campus
  • Record you I\involvement activities
  • Get engaged with activities on campus