Sophomore Springboard

Sophomore Springboard is a leadership program designed to help second-year and new transfer students at UWM to reflect on who they are as a leader and what they want to accomplish during their time as a UWM student. 

What will you get out of Sophomore Springboard?

  • A better understanding of your leadership style, and how it will be valuable to your future!
  • Access to resources to better understand yourself, your vision, and how to make the most of your remaining years on campus!
  • Connections with local alumni who are doing amazing things in Milwaukee!
  • Relationships with other students who want to see you succeed!
  • You’ll come out of the experience with a plan for your next few years, and staff who will help you to stay on track!

Sophomore Springboard meets once a week for 6 weeks during the spring semester.  If you have questions, please contact


  • Session One – Introduction to Sophomore Springboard
  • Session TwoYour Leadership Style
    • We’ll discuss a leadership inventory (The Student Leadership Practices Inventory) that you will take that will help you to understand your leadership style. We’ll talk about how to connect that style with your major or career plan.  You’ll also walk away with a planning tool to help you along your leadership journey!
  • Session Three – Personal Values
    • We’ll do a values sort to help you identify what is most important to you and how that relates to the 5 practices of exemplary leadership.
  • Session Four Passion and Purpose
    • During this week we’ll look at what drives you. We’ll talk about strategies for staying curious and you’ll begin to create your vision for the future!
  • Session Five – Looking Ahead
    • This week, we’ll focus on creating a plan for the rest of your time at UWM. In the midst of college life, it’s sometimes challenging to see where you’re going and to figure out how to get there, so we’ll talk about some tools and resources to help you make the most of the time left on campus!
  • Session Six –  Wrap up and Dinner
    • During the final week, we celebrate the completion of the program through some fun wrap up activities and a celebratory dinner.