Lead365 National Conference

Student Leadership Programs is proud to sponsor students to attend the LEAD365 National Conference in Orlando, FL. SLP pays for transportation, hotel, and conference registration for a delegation of UWM students to attend each year. Attendees participate in keynote and breakout sessions with collegiate leaders from across the country while being exposed to the nation’s top leadership experts.

Questions? Email leadership-program@uwm.edu for more information! You can also check out Lead365’s website at https://www.lead365.org/

Check out this review from one of our 2019 attendees, Mackenzie!

Even without the 90-degree sunshine, time at the pool, and walks around a five-star resort, LEAD365 was truly a remarkable experience. Our first day started after a picnic dinner outside. All the attendees gathered in a giant conference room to meet the speakers who would be hosting the sessions throughout the weekend. “Leadership After Dark” followed with connecting students with other students, dancing, and sharing past experiences. This was one of my favorite parts of the weekend; listening to both students’ and speakers’ stories because I gained perspective about their view on the world and what changes they aimed to achieve. After Friday’s breakfast, the sessions began. There were types of sessions for everyone including money and business, networking, leading a team, communication, social justice and more. I will share this information I learned in the next monthly newsletters.

With so much information entering our brains, the conference staff understood we needed some fun, so they bused us to Universal Studio’s Boardwalk for dinner. Saturday morning, we continued with sessions. The last session for everyone focused on the steps of problem-solving and how one should apply them to execute change. In the closing ceremony, Yannik McKie gave a motivational talk centered on the idea that one’s pain equals their purpose. The speakers came out one last time to give their appreciation for their time spent with us, then left us with the challenge to not let Monday be another Monday. From there everyone said their goodbyes and parted ways.

Overall, a great lesson I learned from LEAD365, as quoted by one of the speakers, was “Don’t pay your tuition, spend it.”  Here in Student Involvement, we offer various programs and activities that you already paid for, so why not put them to use? Whether it’s building up character, making new friends, or attending an event for the free food, these opportunities are for you! Make sure the return on your investment is worth it and visit Student Involvement today!